How to file taxes early

How to File Taxes Early for Christmas

How to File Taxes Early for Christmas If you are in need of financial assistance, and it’s close to income tax season, you can consider filing your taxes early. Every year, many people use a paycheck stub to file their taxes early and get an advance on their refund. However, you must do a few […]

2016 IRS Refund Cycle Chart

2016 IRS Refund Cycle Chart and e-file payment information. This is a schedule for 2065 IRS Refund Cycle Chart. Direct Deposit and Check date’s below. Please see disclaimer. 2016 tax refund schedule is listed below for information purposes. This is just for the first week. Find out when you’re state income tax refund will be in.  For those who have […]

What does early acceptance before the start of Tax Season guarantee?

What does early acceptance before the start of Tax Season guarantee? Nothing. A reminder that acceptance does not equal approval with the IRS. This simply means that they will gladly review your tax return. The IRS has also stated that any tax returns accepted early during testing will NOT be processed before the official start […]

What is the Earned Income Tax Refund Credit?

The earned income tax credit (EITC) subsidizes low-income working families. The credit equals a fixed percentage of earnings from the first dollar of earnings until the credit reaches its maximum; both the percentage and the maximum credit depend on the number of children in the family. The credit then stays flat at that maximum as earnings continue to […]

When did you get your refund 2014

Today is the official start to the I.R.S. 2013 Tax Season. We want to compile a list of payments dates for our users to see to better help them determine the date that they will get their refund. So we pose the question, “When did you get your refund 2014?” We would like everyone to reply to this […]