2016 IRS Refund Cycle Chart

2016 IRS Refund Cycle Chart and e-file payment information. This is a schedule for 2065 IRS Refund Cycle Chart. Direct Deposit and Check date’s below. Please see disclaimer. 2016 tax refund schedule is listed below for information purposes. This is just for the first week. Find out when you’re state income tax refund will be in.  For those who have […]

Income Tax Deadlines

Income Tax Deadlines 2017

Income Tax Deadlines 2017 Find information on critical tax deadlines for 2016 and 2017 This year, the tax deadline falls on April 18, 2016. That’s the deadline to file personal tax returns (such as Form 1040) with the Internal Revenue Service. Normally, the deadline is April 15th. But this year, April 15th is Emancipation Day, […]

Income Tax Deadlines

2014 Income Tax Returns Statistics

2014 Income Tax Returns Statistics IRS have released the statistics for 2014 Income Tax Returns.   WASHINGTON — The Internal Revenue Service today announced the availability of Statistics of Income–2014 Individual Income Tax Returns Complete Report. U.S. taxpayers filed 148.6 million individual income tax returns for tax year 2014, up 0.9 percent from 2013. The adjusted […]

How to file taxes early

How to File Taxes Early for Christmas

How to File Taxes Early for Christmas If you are in need of financial assistance, and it’s close to income tax season, you can consider filing your taxes early. Every year, many people use a paycheck stub to file their taxes early and get an advance on their refund. However, you must do a few […]

How to file taxes early

2016 Refund Calculator now available online

2016 Refund Calculator The 2016 Refund Calculator is now available. It has been updated for the 2015 Tax Return. Check out there latest tax deductions and tax credits on our website IRSTaxBreak.com. See our 2016 Tax Refund Calculator below to estimate your biggest 2016 Tax Return today! Estimate your largest tax return yet, here. Free […]